Friday, April 08, 2005

Not much actual knitting this week....

Those danged Circs aren't here yet! I NEED to get back to the French Market Bag!

We're going to my sister's this weekend for a whirlwind trip...and we all know what that means. Road trip knitting! 2 1/2 hours each way! I should be able to finish the homespun scarf (Lion Brand Homespun, that is) and get some good progress on my red scarf. A little irony - I'll probably donate a scarf and buy a scarf. Don't tell the DH.

Oh, so I really would love to show off the FMB to my sister. Maybe I can squinch some more stitches on the DPN's before switching. It's a set of 4, not 5, which, I guess would have allowed for more stitches before switching to circs.

Josh (the older monkey) crossed over into Boy Scouts and went to his first troop meeting as an official Crossed-Over Scout. I got to take him to the meeting and sit in the back and KNIT (on the French Market Bag, mais oui)! It was heavenly. I had so much energy after that that I came home, did the dishes and other whirlwind puttering. I'm really looking forward to this Boy Scout business.

I made an online yarn purchase this week too. Not much knitting, lots of browsing & purchasing. I ordered 2 skeins of red Cascade 220 superwash to (a) make a scarf for DH and (b) test out the Cascade 220 superwash before buying more for my friend's baby blanket, and I ordered some garnet and gold Cascade 220 to make FMB's for my sister and mom in FSU colors. Go Noles! It'll probably be a garnet body and gold handles/bottom. They only had one skein of the yellow, though, so either I'll have to pick up more later or of a different color.

I need to get some FO shots of the London Beanie and the fluffy scarf. DH will lay in bed and wear the beanie while we watch TV. It's very cute.

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