Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Progress and photos!

I'm making some progress on the French Market Bag (knitty). The circs came in the mail, and I transferred it to a 24" circ on Monday at the Boy Scout meeting (Have I mentioned how much I love the Boy Scout meetings?) It's looking a little less like a pyramid on the circs, however, the center is still somewhat reminiscent of a part of the anatomy that I hesitate to mention (it starts with an N, and you find it on a baby bottle). Hopefully it'll felt out.

I've had an interesting experience with Little Knits. Unforseen excellent customer service. Very nice. If it were through eBay, I'd give them a very high rating. There was a typo on their web site where the color number didn't correspond to the color of Cascade 220 that I ordered. They checked to see which one I meant, I clarified and gave an example what I was ultimately looking for (garnet as in FSU) with a web site. She checked the web site and gave a suggestion that was even better!

I'm thinking about ditching the clapotis idea, since I don't think I've found the PERFECT yarn for it, in favor of making the mellow version of Tie One On from the spring Knitty in the delicious purple wool-silk that I already have on hand. And I'm thinking of making Branching Out from some dusty blue, DK weight yarn I have. I had been thinking of making socks, but I think it'll be too dull for socks.

When we would play "good guys vs bad guys" with the monkey when he was little, the longest part of the game was to pick out your action figures and negotiating who got who, etc, etc. I just realized that I'm the same way with my project agenda. I'm not sure how I feel about that epiphany. I just know that I need to finish this up so I can knit.

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