Friday, April 22, 2005

Stash Enhancement, Progress Reports, and adding to the list!

My La-la is home sick today with a stomach bug. Yuckarooni! She's mostly in good spirits, and lobbying hard to go to the doctor's. Our compromise is that when we go out later today, we'd look for a sticker for her. A Winnie-the-Pooh sticker is enough, I guess. I'm not feelin' so hot myself - I have had a sore throat for three days and I'm beat (La-la waking up at 2:30 and 5 with stinkiness didn't help at all).

Well. I found yarn for Clapotis. I was browsing the worsted at Webs ( It was a whole project - I made a list of all the ones that I thought had potential (worsted weight, not a solid color, etc). I started with a list of 10 yarns, narrowed it down to three, and went with Valley Yarns Charisma - it's on sale for $13.50 for 385 yards, so it'd be a $27 Clapotis vs my runner-ups in the neighborhood of $50 for Clapotis. The alternates were Art Yarns Supermarino and Berroco Zen Colors. The Berroco is a ribbon yarn, but the sheen and the colorways were so beautiful that, if it were less expensive, it would have been a great experiment.

I got my order from Little Knits. I'm digging the Cascade 220 Superwash. I'm only wishing it were a little bulkier. And I'm kind of wishing it were in a varigated color. I'm going to have to special order the yarn for our friend's tax deduction. Oh! And they had their baby yesterday - a little boy, with a #4 after his name, 7lbs, 5 oz, born at 1:01 pm, with the cord wrapped around his neck twice and a knot in it! Didn't tighten up and cause any trouble though.

Back to the Little Knits, though. In a marketing stroke of genious, the proprietor added a note about the specials she was having and included little baggies with samples of yarn. Freakin brilliant. So, I get the order, read the note, fondle the samples (I'm a toucher), and order more yarn. More yellow for a french market bag, and some purple&grey fuzzy cotton homestyle stuff (Cascade makes it, I think). Thinking of a winter scarf for me with that. If I ordered anything else, it'll be a suprise for both of us.

Speaking of the French Market Bag. I went to the LYS and limited my spending to picking up a couple skeins of lilac (is there a theme here?). I thought the orange/brown was too halloweeny, and since I didn't feel like swatching and felting the swatches, I didn't want to risk the vintage wool being superwash. The FMB turns out to be kind of a big project. 200 stitches around in the body of the bag. I've got about 2 inches done of the body color. 6 more to go.

We had an offsite meeting Wednesday, and I brought my knitting. I got some comments about it - mostly amusement, though. I got a good inch done there in an hour and a half. Maybe it's not so bad. It's stockinette, so if you can keep working on it, it goes by pretty brainlessly.

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