Sunday, May 08, 2005

Finished the French Market Bag!

It's not felted yet, but done. I took a picture, but I'm a film camera girl. Maybe it'll be developed about the same time as when I felt the bag.

Yards per pound information can be found here. The reason I needed that info is because that darned acrylic sometimes doesn't have yardage info on it. I'm still in kind of a conspiracy mode from my security training at work, but I feel like it's all a plot by "big wool" to make sure you buy a couple extra skeins - just so you don't run out before finishing the project- because you have no idea how much yarn you really bought.

OK. After you've spent the week at work thinking about buffer overflows, cross-site-scripting, sql injection and people who have trouble spelling phonetically (fenet!c11y?) you know what's good to watch on TV? Enemy of the state. . And I've been getting more phishing mail than usual (the dead giveaway? I don't even have an account there to start with!) which it turns out my DH is getting the same spoofs as me, so it's not just me, I guess. Not sure why that makes me feel better about it.

So with this acrylic of unkown length, I started a toddler sweater. I have no idea why I can't tell a story from the beginning. The sweater is from the Yarn Girls Guide to Kids Knits. A nice book. It's a nice little pullover with ribbing on the hem and cuffs. I think I'm going to send it to Project Dulaan. Also the couple of scarves that I've got waiting for winter will be sent there too. I still have to tuck the ends in.

I got the Yarn Girls Guide to Kids Knits and the Debbie Bliss Baby Knits book for Mother's Day. The gift was not only the books, but having the opportunity to sit at borders and thumb through the knitting books without a 2 year old climbing on me or pulling the books down from the shelves. No card, but that's OK.

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