Friday, June 03, 2005

The doldrums

I'm at the "boring part" of my 4 main what did I do? Cast on the felted slippers for La-la. I started them off in a delightful bright orange, but then in the morning, I let La pick out what yarn she really wanted, and she picked out this teal green, so I'm doing the sides in the teal. Right now they're looking very Miami Hurricanes. Or pumpkin. Depends on your frame of reference.

I'm about half an index finger in to the side color of the FSU-FMB (Go Noles!)....In the throes of finishing the last one, I forgot how tedious the sides were - which probably only added to the joy of finishing. I don't think I've done more than 5 rows on either of the toddler sweaters (between them, not apiece) this week....and I've gotten only a few rows done on Quatro's blankie - I've gotten to the part where the rows are longish (>= 60 stitches or so - I'm such a wuss-raider).

I only have a couple weeks to get the FMB done, so I'll probably be working on that mostly.

Here's something goofy - every few sentences, I pick up my knitting, knit a few stitches, then curse that you can't knit and type simultaneously. Dang it all! However, I do enjoy reading on the computer while knitting. That has to be quite a sight.

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