Saturday, June 04, 2005

A gift already!

I got an email g.c. to Adagio Teas! I see links to them all over the place in blogland. I ordered several samples [spearmint, English breakfast, and Green-Apricot] & teabag papers, since it seems to be loose tea, and I'm not ready to invest in all the gourmet tea accoutrements. Thank You SP!

Oh, and thanks to the canadian bloggers (Y. Harlot, especially) - now I know what a Chesterfield is. I was already familiar with Sofa, Davenport, and Couch. I heard a story on NPR yesterday about Bare Naked Ladies doing music for some Shakespeare thing in the Great White North, and at the end they played "If I Had a Million Dollars" - where they mention that they'd buy you a house....then they'd buy you furniture for your house, citing a chesterfield and an ottoman. I always thought a chesterfield was a kind of chest or perhaps a hutch of some sort. I was pleased to share the info with the monkey.

Speaking of NPR and the far, he's spending the summer at a school Extended Day program, at school near my work - which makes his commute much longer. We tend to listen to NPR programming on the way to & from. The conversations that this start are interesting, with the potential to be a little dodgy. One day we discussed - the history of the Euro and the EU, supply & demand economics, investing in currency [I think this was after the Dutch or the French voted down the referendum on the constitution], why we don't have clouds in the winter (Technically, we do have clouds sometimes, but we can go for days at a time without any - right now we've been at the business end of a stationary front for a week. This one stumped me, although I suspect that it's related to weather patterns, the ocean, and air temperature, and barometric pressure), the other stumpers were related to ice skating [the field trip du jour] - how do they make skating rinks and what layer has the paint? We also discussed how children's books are a reflection of their time, citing Dr Suess's The Lorax and Sneeches as specific examples [the monkey's book buddy last year really liked Sneeches]. And this is all in less than half an hour. More difficult questions have been: what does Viagra do and what are prostitutes and brothels.

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