Sunday, June 19, 2005

Like a hole in my head

I needed to cast on for something else. But I'm trying the baby socks example from Socks Socks Socks. I have about 7 rows of the cuff done. Do any of you watch the doodlebops? I feel like Moe and the rope (But it's so velvety!) For the uninitiated (e.g. those without toddlers), I believe it's a Canadian import. It's a trio - DeeDee, Rooney, and Moe. Moe is the drummer, and before they leave the pad, a velvet rope drops from the ceiling, and he just can't resist it. He always pulls the rope (Don't pull the rope!) and gets drenched with water. They play it on Disney here at 7:30 am - prime Cheerios time for us. Hey. I like it better than the Wiggles, which is what used to be on in that slot.

I finally worked up the gumption to go back to the two felting projects, and I started the 2nd ball of yarn for the garter stitch blankie.

Gotta go take care of some responsibilities before DH gets out of the shower, and then go knit me some.

take care.

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