Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Slow but steady, right?

Well, the side of the garter stitch blankey for Quatro is 19" long. I did some math earlier, made some projections, and it looks like it might be close to a square when it's done. We seem to be close to being on target for a 1-1-radical 2 triangle (half square). Luck, not skill. With my "wing it" technique, these blankets usually turn out more rhomboid than square. Who knew that trig would be useful someday? And the pythagorean theorem.

The FSU-FMB needs two more inches of the side color before we're ready for handles. By my calculations, that's about 15 more rows. Or 3000 stitches? (15x200. 30 + two zeroes, right? I'm concerned that I'm having order of magnitude issues. Or sloppy multiplication. Whatever. There's no calculator button on this keyboard, and I'm too lazy to use the mouse to get to it. Pathetic, I know.) So, the upshot is - the end is within sight on this, and the midway is within sight on the other.

Those poor sweaters. I measured one of them recently, and was suprised at how long the back is, but I don't remember what it was. So it's between, hmm, 6 and 15 inches. The one that I have at work, I haven't picked up in quite some time. Plus, I think all of my rulers are at home. I was surprised by the stash of 6 and 12 inch rulers I had in my nightstand.

I finished the first slipper for La-la this weekend. I cast on the second, but about 5 rows in, I couldn't remember which line I was in on the pattern - an increase row or a knit row. Decided that meant I was done knitting for the night. I'm hoping that I finish the second slipper and the FMB at the same time so I can felt them together. I just have a problem with the non-conservation-ness of only felting one thing at a time. It's just contrary to my upbringing. I know that the washer is only filled about one hand high, it just bothers me. No special trips, fill up the washer.

I have a gift nearly ready to go for my SP. I need to write the card and address/tape the box. If you're my SP reciever, and you've found me through superior net-stalking skills, it's a good gift, and I think you'll enjoy it. But I'm not going to spill the beans here.

In other news, we got a letter from Saigon yesterday - to MIL from one of her nieces. I had my coworker read it for us - DH could only recognize words here and there. One of the things in it made my coworker gasp as she was reading through it. The 30th anniversary of the fall of Saigon was what made here write, and the niece recollected the story of MIL holding her, ready to bring her with them on the plane, when the niece's brother took her back and she ended up staying in Viet Nam. One small move changing the fate of a girl's life. Knowing the trials and tribulations of my husband's upbringing, I can't help but wonder the pros-and-cons of staying vs. coming here.

I can't imagine the chaos of those times. DH said they left when they were getting all of the Americans out - his dad was US Army, his mom a Vietnamese national. So, the niece was just checking in because they had been having trouble getting in touch with my MIL - MIL moved in with us, and her house has since been sold - which explains why their letters were bouncing. Not sure how this one happened to be forwarded, probably just a quirk of fate. Food for thought, I guess.

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