Sunday, June 12, 2005


Some knitting progress to report. Only an inch to go before the handles on the FMB! Got the sole and half the foot done on the second felted slipper for La-la.

That's the good news. The bad news is that I went to pick out what yarn the monkey could choose from for a hat, and was completely overwhelmed by how much yarn I had. It's a nice variety of yarn, but they all have intentions attached to it, and when you start going through it, saying "and this is for this, and this is for that", it gets too big. I contemplated throwing another thing on the needles (but what? so many choices!), then realized that then I'd have an overhwelming number of projects on the needles, and I'd never get any of them done. So I worked on the FMB for a while, and started to feel better.

I got picked up by the knitting blogs webring. The hit counter is going non-linear. It's crazy. Although, it's fascinating to check the site stats - referring pages. The ones from Google are particularly fascinating.

Oh, I got something else off of my desk too. I had three scarves (one was originally intended for the Red Scarf project, but I didn't feel good enough about the scarf). I finally wove in the ends (easier than I had imagined - there were only about 2 1/2 ends per scarf), and boxed them up for Dulaan. Hooray! The box was too big so I included a couple of hand-me-down sweatshirts from the monkey. I hope that was OK. If not, I suppose that they'll end up at a local charity in Arizona, so that's OK too.

Backtracking more, the monkey and I went to Michael's and got secret ingredients for my next secret pal gift. It's an adventure, and I wish I felt free to speak about it now.

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