Sunday, June 12, 2005

Oh, yeah. I remeber what else.

Feeder Bands!

We've been getting rain on and off all weekend, and the weather has been reminiscent of underarms. People have been doing a lot of hurricane preparedness shopping this weekend here - we were some of them. No sales tax on hurricane supplies. It was nice to see that stores were stocking up on supplies and that people were buying them ahead. I think they should have extended the sales tax amnesty to spam, tuna, and Chef-boy-ardee, although maybe they're exempt anyway because they're food. Dunno. They were pretty hard hit at the grocery store.

I tell you what, I was sure glad we had the camp stove last summer, for the three hurricanes we had. That is my "must-have" hurricane supply recommendation. You know, on top of having potable water, and a radio with batteries.

Hoping that everyone in Arlene's path isn't suffering too much damage and is able to stay dry.

BTW, the NOAA's National Hurricane Center is my favorite hurricane tracking site.

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