Thursday, July 07, 2005

Starting another new project!

I came across a blogger who crocheted a tote out of plastic grocery bags and liked her technique for making the plastic bag yarn, found here, it's similar to when you cut up socks to make a braided rug. This is her blog: That Girl. I took La-la to the docs today because her ear still wasn't feeling better, after 2 courses of antibiotics. Turns out it's not infected, but has fluid - so it probably feels like when you're on the airplane and having trouble popping them. He also said, that if she catches a cold again, look out, the infection will come back. So, we had an afternoon at home, with the boy and the girl, and we worked on cutting up plastic bags. Well, I got them started, they turned on a video game, and left me to cut up bags. Fine with me.

Got a package of yarn today from my favorite online vendor. Her online selections continue to grow, her prices and shipping are reasonable, excellent customer service, and all the good stuff. I got two selections of yarn for my secret pal, and some yarn for me. Now I feel like I NNNEEEDD some of what I got her, and the one kind that I got for me and her (in different colorways) I totally can't decide which is for whom. The good news, though, is that I think I have most of what I want put together to send to her. I wonder if I can find any astronaut ice cream around here without going to the airport. That would be fun to send. Or some crazy tourist food. Like that gator egg gum or something. Again, I wonder who sells that locally without having to go to the airport.

I need to sew up a sleep sack for the boy. He's going off to Boy Scout Camp on Sunday. I'm a little worried about him, he's a little goofy still. I think he'll mostly be OK though. What doesn't kill him will make him stronger I suppose.

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fickleknitter said...

Have you made a braided rug? I am infintely interested in rag rugs but can't seem to find any free info on how to make one.

((((Good Vibes for La-la's ears))))