Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Did some felting

I finished and felted the French Market Bag in FSU colors for my sister. It turned out well. I really like it - you can see the columns of the stitches in the yellow, but it's really concentrated. The garnet felted a little better than the yellow.

We had less success with the felted slippers for La-la. Lesson learned - use some extra yarn to felt a swatch, to make sure it's gonna felt. The soles (in orange Lamb's Pride) felted fine, the tops (in teal, from the discount bin at the LYS without a good tag, labeled as wool, but apparently pretty tolerant of hot water) didn't felt so much. They still fit my feet and are twice as big as they need to be for the 2 1/2 year old La-la.

I also felted an experimental mitered square made from heirloom wool. It felted OK. You could still see a lot of stitch definition, but it shrank a lot and became quite a bit denser. For such light colors (pink and spring green), I think it probably felted OK. Probably the darker colors that I have would be better felters.

This has the makings of a great science fair project. I'll have to remember it if the boy ever has to do science fair projects.

And with so many projects done.....I started a hat for the boy. Turns out FSU colors are the same as colors for Gryffindor. So he's getting a Gryffindor London Beanie. Had lots of good knitting meetings at work today, but I didn't bring the gold yarn, so I had to quit and be fidgety like the others when I got to the part with the stripes.

I may have already mentioned that I cast on for the Retro Anklets from Socks Socks Socks, in my clearance colorway (very valentine-y colors - reds, pinks, greys). Working on DPN is still slow and awkward for me, but I guess it'll only get faster.

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