Sunday, July 17, 2005

Summer here is wrapping up

The boy is home from camp. DH went for the last couple of days. They both had lots of fun, and came home pretty tired. I think he earned at least one merit badge, his Totin' Chip and some fire card.

School starts August 1. Can you believe that? Our county is probably the earliest starting in the whole metro area. Only two more weeks of summer. All the notebooks and pencils and lunchboxes and stuff are out in the stores. Where did summer go? Ours felt so hectic that I sure don't feel rested up for when school starts. But maybe that will be calmer in a way, as our commutes, meeting schedules, and everything reverts back to "normal".

In knitting updates, I finished the Gryffindor London Beanie for the boy (that might be old news), and I finished a navy with yellow stripes one for one of his friends. Each one comes out better than the last, and now I want to reknit the first one, which I made for DH.

I started swatching cable patterns for DH's scarf. That's one of the things I want to get done before it gets cold out - in case he has to go to Chicago, home of the home office, at all this winter. If you have the stitch a day perpetual calendar, I tried the "cable fabric", from April 7, which turned out nicely, although I had a lot of dropped stitch trouble, but what can you do? One I'm considering is "Woven Cables in Relief" from August 22. I can't find pictures online, so I'll show you photos of the swatches when they're done. The Woven Cables in Reilef is sort of a forked tongue cable, and the cable fabric turned out to be kind of a basket weave of cables on the bias. Not sure what the DH is going to pick. I think there are a few other contenders in the calendar too. It's definitely a change from what was feeling like stockinette purgatory - the garter stitch blanket, the sock, and the beanies are all knit stitch rich.

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