Tuesday, July 19, 2005

photo-rich blogging today!

I got a package from my folks with stuff that I picked out of my grandma's stash when I was on vacation. This is my inheritance.

In these bags were scarves (badly photographed, so you're spared), a few UFO's including these delightful slippers [I think they were inteded for a church bazaar]:

beaucoup yarn, here's an example:

[warmth of natural earthtones. acrylic/nylon blend. brushed. frosted],

aprons (2, but here's one:

And also...Knitting needles (3 size 10 straights, plus some other odd-balls), some knitting knotions, and some embroidered handkerchiefs.

This is a sign that we saw on our vacation, across from a small-town library in my grandparent's town.

I've got a FO-photo - The boy's Gryffindor/FSU hat:

The one for his friend is the same, but Navy and yellow. Seems to correspond to one of those Michigan schools and/or another group at Hogwarts (puffnstuff, hufflepuff, huffnpuff, dunno. sorry.)

Saw a link to this on another blog today. Powerful photos, and an excellent part of the healing process.

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