Sunday, August 21, 2005

Coloring Faces

The boys have their coloring faces on. I bought a box of shrinky dinks a while ago to make stitch markers for my secret pal. I finally broke down and did some experiments with them today. I got some data points, although, they didn't come out as I had hoped. I did figure out how I want to "bead" them, though, so I guess that's good. I made a second set of potential stitch markers during La-la's nap, and got DH and the monkey working on some shrinky-dinks too.

I must be over some kind of summer slump because I'm starting projects like this and I'm cooking again. Yesterday I made homemade ice cream (a WW recipe, so ice cream is kind of a misnomer - there was no cream and no actual sugar involved. However there was less fat cream cheese, sweetened condesned milk, fresh strawberries, lime juice, vanilla extract, lowfat milk, and egg yolks.) Today I made dinner ahead for tomorrow (Boy Scout troop meeting + Cub Scout parent's meeting.) Another WW recipe - Smoked Sausage soup, which we'll reheat tomorrow and make grilled cheese with it.

The 2nd sock is coming along too. I'm up through the gusset, almost done with it, heading for the straightaway. I'm almost to the point in the feather and fan shawl where I can tell if I really like it. I need to cast on for the hat for the other of the monkey's friends.

Timer goes ding. Have to go.

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