Thursday, August 18, 2005

Houston, we have a sock!

I finished my first ever sock yesterday! I was a little concerned because the toe decreases looked dorky - where the toe ended up being shaped like an inverted V almost. I tried it on, and it fit well. It felt really weird to wear a sock. I don't think I've worn one since February. Well, here and there, but not on a regular basis. The disappointing thing was that it didn't fit inside my penny loafer well, but it did fit inside my clunky, leather fake keds. That'll do.

Wound up the second skein of sock yarn and started sock number 2 today. I'm almost through the initial ribbing. I'm making the retro anklets from Socks Socks Socks! It seems to be going pretty quickly.

Also ripped out Clapotis last night. I tested out a feather and fan motif, as found in Little Box of Scarves. Changed needle sizes (went from an 8 to a 10 1/2), and decided to go with a 5 F&F repeats across + a garter stitch border, 3 stitches wide on either edge. Hopefully it'll turn into a nice stole style wrap. The colors of the yarn are fabulously harvest-y. Cranberry, gold, olive, blue, purple. Scrumptious. My only complaints are that I wish the colors lasted longer and that the yarn wasn't itchy. Part of the hazards of buying on the web. I think it'll be tres beautiful once it's blocked.

Today wasn't the day to start projects on unfamiliar territory. La-la has been up for about an hour every night (between 2:30 and 4). Took her to happy hour at the pediatrician's, and she's got a double ear infection. In Stereo! I wasn't having a lot of luck with the work I was trying to do from home (have you tried to build and test software with a toddler standing in front of you lobbying hard to get you to install a JayJay the Jetplane CD-ROM on the work laptop?) There is no pest like the illiterate pest with a CD-ROM. No offensement, La. She is working her way out of illiteracy though. My little monkey can recognize "her" letter (A for Amelia), and I think will soon recognize letters for other family and friends. I say, not bad for age 2 1/2 (she also knows her colors and shapes and can count to 13, perhaps higher on a good day). The peskiness, however, I see no signs of abatement. I think she learned it from our dog. :^) But back to the knitting - someplace during the first interesting row of the pattern, with (k2tog)*3 and (YO,K1)*6, I uncentered the pattern. I lost two stitches on the right edge, and had an extra one on the left. Go figure. I cheated and added/decreased as needed to get it to work again. I'm only on the 2nd repeat of the pattern (vertically), and can't wait to see how the fabric will be. I hope I love it, I really want to.

So, the deliveries last weekend went well. The hat recipient wore his hat pretty much the whole time we were there - and it was Tampa, FL in August. It was 93F/33C that day, although, air conditioned inside. The parents seemed to really like the blankey too. It was good. The little baby is 4 months old, rolling over and laughing. I think he's in the phase where blowing a raspberry is the best joke he's heard all day. The whole day La-la wore panties, and even used a "foreign" potty for the first time ever! Hooray! We may be entering a new phase with her, of the diaperless variety!

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