Wednesday, August 10, 2005

You remember that sock?

That one where I was on the home stretch? I thought it was maybe a little baggy, and I was beginning to be concerned about how much yarn I had left? Well, it's now none of the above. I frogged that puppy. I was knitting away, and had a yen to figure out my gauge. Why now, when I was 3" from the toe??? According to my calculations, with my stitches per inch and the number of stitches, I would be getting a sock that was 10" around. Bear in mind, that I haven't measured my foot or anything trough all of this. I did the math with the prescribed gauge and number of stitches, and it the sock should be about 8 1/2 inches around. I'm thinking that an inch and a half is a lot of slack in a sock, a garment that generally doesn't have a lot of ease. Now I need to figure out how to shrink my stitches - I need to have 1 more stitch per inch, I think. I was using #4 US needles. I guess I'll try #3 next.

A snapshot of the craziness of the morning: I got out of the shower and was ready to help everyone get ready for the day in the kitchen side of the house. No one milked my MIL's cereal, so she ended up pouring coffee on her cereal. La-la did not want to eat breakfast, do her nebulizer treatment, and get ready for school. She wanted to paint. I do not do so well with so many crises pre-coffee. However, we ended up adding milk to my MIL's cereal (enough so that it was a workable amount of liquid for breakfast), and La-la painted two pictures, then was ready to get on with her morning routine. My day since then has been relatively painless.

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