Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Mischief Monkey and other news

Lala is 2 and 3/4 and recently in panties full time. Tonight, in the pre-dinner chaos, she's walking around with her pants and panties around her ankles, post-potty (clean bottomed and clean pottied). She carries her potty over to the doorway between the dining room and living room and puts it down. [sidenote: my next potty training challenge is getting the little potty out of the living room. ] Lala kicks off her pants and panties and bellies up to the potty in the manner of my husband. She decides that's not gonna work, so she scootches up a little so that she's straddling the potty, still standing, and pees from there. (My goodness. What kind of Google hits will I get with this post?) She did pretty well and got a good amount in the cup and the rest on the seat. Afterwards she told me that boys sit down to pee. This was probably the most hilarious thing I've seen all week.

So, for the knitting news. I finished the baby socks and they are cute! I'll try to photograph them this weekend. They do seem like they might be proportionally funny, though. We'll have to see how they work on a real live baby.

I think my next socks will be for Lala - probably some "baby stripes" red heart that I've had on hand for a while, and this opal pattern. It looked pretty straight forward and the right size and gauge.

I did some math on the blanket I've been doing at work. BTW, an interesting discussion of work-knitting at Wendy Knits I generally knit at lunch, at all hands meetings (there are a lot of hands here, and you should see the fidgety engineers.), and at my desk when I'm caught in a tedious loop of building, resetting the virtual machine, and running the install in order to get to what I'm really interested in seeing. Which, I've been in that loop quite a bit lately. I never bring the knitting to meetings around a conference table. The math that I did to figure this out was much more interesting than any programming I did that day. Now that's saying something.

Here's the math:

Currently a 15" side and 87 stitch hypotenuse. (measured the side by putting two sprial notebooks next to eachother (short side to long side) and measuring against that).
Goal: 36" side and UNK stitch hypotenuse.

UNK/87 = 36/15
UNK = (36*87)/15 = 209 stitches (rounding)

We'll see if we really have 209 stitches along the diagonal when the side is 36" long. More importantly, we'll see if I can hold out that long.

So then I used the
Gaussian formula for arithmetic series to figure out how many stitches (approximately) will be in the whole blanket:

1/2 (209)(1+209) = 21945 stitches, which would be half the blanket.

The whole blanket would be 43890 stitches.

I've completed 3828 stitches so far, which is nearly 9% of the total. However, I'm about 20% done with respect to side-inches. I really like the 20% statistic better.

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