Monday, September 05, 2005

Scarf Schmarf

I guess what I really needed was some garter stitch therapy. I've done about 2" on the scarf. I have 6 projects on the needles. What did I do yesterday? I dug out the sugar and cream cotton that I've had for years in my stash and made a washcloth. It's about 7 1/2" square, and I used the good old diagonal dishcloth pattern for it, the one that I use for baby blankets. It's snazzy. OK. I'm going to get DH's digital camera and go around taking pictures of stuff today, while there's still some light.

La-la is not only using the potty full time, but we got her a "big girl bed", and a new toddler bed Elmo sheet set. Tres snazzy.

Still no call from the monkey's mom, I'm debating whether to post an "In Search Of" thing on the Red Cross's family registry site.

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