Monday, September 19, 2005

When in doubt....does it felt?

I'm home today because that Lala is sick with another ear infection. No wheezing yet. And a virus that gives her a sore throat (no strep). Probably just as well that I'm here because the monkey left his housekey on the hook by the door.

Well, I tried making a "demo" of my trapezoidal wrap concept. I don't know. The commenter in my last post suggested that the stripes might be wonky. That seems to be the case. Wonky with a side of holes. Maybe the only "short row" experience I have is with turning heels. Maybe I shouldn't have slipped over the stitch at the turning point of my short row. I was working from what would be the slanty side of the trapezoid. I began to question the whole trapezoid concept too, as I was knitting. (which side would be the top? Why would a trapezoid be good?) Ill fated. So...I bound off the demo and put it in my FO pile to await my next felting exercise to see if maybe the yarn is fated to become a Booga Bag. Wah-ha-ha-ha-ha. There's plenty of it. Two very large skeins. New Zeland wool. Manukau Charisma 10 Ply Aran. Can't find a picture of it online to save my life, though I did find a pattern for a crocheted felted bag made with the wool, so I guess that answers that.

DH's red scarf is now farrow rib. One of those delightful "least common denominator" patterns where it's a multiple + 1 wide and you do the same (knit*n, purl*p) + odd stitch*y on each row. The yarn, I didn't bathe post-frog, so it looks like it's got a perm. I'm interested to see what the scarf will "really" look like once it's been washed. I think it will be surprisingly snazzy.

Finished the washcloth, and La-la requested one of her own from the same cotton, so I made her a mini one following this mitered-square pattern. Mine came out kite-shaped, but with right angles. It's still cute, and it's interesting to see how the changes in color arrange themselves differently.

Started the laptop case for my mother, from the fall 05 IK. It'll be in Thanksgiving colors: Pumpkin Pie, Cranberry Sauce, and Evergreen. You may have noticed that I'm not a precise pattern-follower (sometimes to my detriment), more seeing them as a guideline or starting off point (a major difference between me and DH. DH thinks there's usually a Good Reason that rules are rules.) So, I'm not following the striping pattern exactly, but still going for some degree of randomness or apparent randomness. It's nice to work on so far, though I can think it'll turn into a blanket in my lap to work on before long.

I found some size 15, 32" circs when I was looking for something else, and it was all I could do not to start the baby blanket for my sister. Ugh. Somebody stop me! Gonna go work on the laptop case for the rest of naptime.

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