Monday, October 03, 2005

More upgrades!

I ordered an LCD monitor and new speakers from Dell Friday night. Had them shipped to DH's work, because I couldn't figure out my work mailing address. It involves a post-stop. I know my post stop, but I'm not sure of the physical address. Sad, isn't it? DH came in from work all feisty but wouldn't tell what it was. I was guessing a thousand things - was it good dirt, did he get a promotion, etc. He wouldn't let on. I took the monkey to his Boy Scout meeting and on the table were two nice boxes from Dell! Their free shipping is awfully fast!

I finished La's sock three times this weekend. The first time, I got it all done, bound off, cut the thread and it was too short. Frogged the toe, knit about a toe's length, then knit the toe again. The second time, I didn't cut the thread and let the La try it on. It was just fitting. Decided she's not even three, her feet will probably grow, maybe I should make it longer. Knit another toe's worth and then did the toe, bound it off, and cut the yarn. Now it's about a centimeter too long. She'll grow into it, I guess. Sadly, she wanted to try the second one on right away too. I've done maybe 5 rows on it. It was a fun knit, but it was hard to start the second one. She really seems to like the sock.

Other things seem to be progressing, but slowly. Didn't get a lot of knitting done this week, I guess. Although, I did get a few rows added on most projects. I guess it's a lot like credit card debt, where it's hard to finish them if you've got too many going on at once.

Tonight, probably not much knitting. Instead, I'm going to pull a pile of papers and go through it to see if I can find a missing bank statement for the paperwork for my MIL's guardianship. It's time to file the annual paperwork for that. Somehow I've got all but August 04(probably turned that one in with last year's paperwork) and March 05. With my filing system, I'm pretty impressed that I was able to track down that many - they were in three different locations so far.

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