Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My DH is so cool.

Not only did he download the pictures tonight, but he also bought a new fan and a new power supply for Besse (my computer), but he installed them tonight too. Also, he's offering to buy a new lcd flat panel display for Besse too, with his mileage reimbursement check. Frankly, we already spent that money on gas, but... I swear to you this cheap-ass CTX monitor that I bought more than 7 years ago seems to be dying a slow death. It has a serious case of perma-flicker.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment:
1. My current WIP.
2. Age before beauty. This is the back to the sweater that I started so long ago. I got the book containing the pattern either for my birthday or Mother's Day, both in May. I think there are only a few more inches of regular old stockinette to finish the back. I'm a little worried about symmetry between the front and the back - talk about putting the cart before the horse. I haven't even started the front yet. Also, I just don't like regular straight needles, even for non-circular knitting. I guess I need to find a suitable circ for this project. Maybe I can finish it while it'll fit La - I know it's in a color she'd love.

3. The purple wool/silk seed stitch scarf for me. This is impossible to photograph. I swear the picture looked OK in ACDSee. I think you just have to make it bigger.

4.This is the scarf I'm working on for DH. I put the DPN in for scale. I guess that means we had less than 7" done at the time of the photo.

5. This is the start of laptop case for my mom. I think it'll be tragically hip, but I'm no expert.
6. Here's what we've got for La-la's sock. This is actually about where I am-post-frog, post-reknit. My pony puke project. But, somehow, for all of it's pony puke, squeaky acrilicness, it's a lot of fun to knit.

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