Friday, October 21, 2005

Selective Logging

I have SciAm in my blogline feeds. The headline, "Selective Logging Fails To Sustain Rainforest" caught my eye. Because it looked like mixed metaphors to me. I thought it was software-related. I half thought it was related to software logging (I work on the install of a very large piece of software, and I had a defect in my queue today related to the install logger.) And I also half-thought it was related to posting comments on blogs. It took quite a while for me to realize that it was related to trees. Live plants. Organic material. Not silicon. Not ones and zeros. Nothing you can represent in hexadecimal. Although you could make a pretty picture of it with ascii art.

Truthfully, though, everyone in my house is sacked out. My MIL snoozes on the couch. LaLa and DH fell asleep watching Thomas. I just sent the monkey to bed a little while ago.

I'm plum tuckered myself. Yesterday I almost made it through the first heel. I can't decide if it's still too soon to do the heel or if it's OK because Marilyn's feet are smaller than mine. The second half of the heel was way wonky, where it climbs up the ladder, as it were. I caught on to the directions on one side, but not the other, so I frogged that puppy back to where you have the smallest number of active stitches, and I'll try turning it later. I don't think I'm up for that kind of mischief right now. I think I'll start a washcloth and watch some TV.

Tomorrow, I'm taking LaLa to go meet Clifford at WMFE's open house. We're also keeping an eye on Wilma. Right now it looks like it's heading more toward my sister than me, but who knows. We're also going to go to the fabric store and/or costume shop - La is planning to be a doctor this year, and we need to find or make us some scrubs.

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