Sunday, October 23, 2005

Some progress to report

First, I finished the back of the little sweater, currently called "Denim Colorway Sweater for Dulaan." The picture in the link really doesn't look much different than how it is now, except for it's longer, and it's off the needles. 15" of stockinette, size 9 needles 60 stitches per row. Doesn't sound too complex, and once I actually worked on it, it didn't take too long to complete. I guess now I can finally update the progress bar.

Second, I turned the heel of the sock for Marilyn. It looks nice. I'm hoping that I can continue the spiraling rib pattern around the ankle/calf of the sock without getting too confused and putting in a jig where it should jog.

We're expecting Hurricane Wilma tomorrow. Titusville is the top edge of the hurricane warnings, and I suspect if you drew a straight line to the coast from our house, we'd be between Titusville and Daytona/New Smyrna Beaches. So, it's hard to tell how much oomph we'll be getting. I went to the grocery store today and was surprised to see how it hadn't been ransacked. There were water, batteries, bread, peanut butter, hotdogs, etc. All looking like they were mostly fully stocked. Crazy. Maybe that hurricane supply tax amnesty in June did the trick. Or maybe the ransackers were waiting until later in the day.

La, the Monkey, and I all have the day "off" tomorrow. We're strongly encouraged to work from home. Not sure how that'll work out logistically, as I'm sure that (a) they'll be shutting down the data center at some point and (b) I turned off my dev machine before I left on Friday, so I can't tunnel in to that. My laptop is kind of an empty shell. An expensive vehicle for remote desktop connections.

LaLa, the Monkey, and I made Pumpkin Whoopie Pies this afternoon. Delicious! La is really enjoying helping in the kitchen. She is an expert "dumper" and ambitious mixer. She helped with the cookie batter, the monkey helped with the filling. Everyone assembled the cookies. The monkey got to try his hand at the electric mixer. He did really well. I was the only one who made splatters, and he managed to keep pushing the mixer into where the stuff to be mixed was. DH gave rave reviews. I think we must have been pretty cheap with the frosting because we had quite a bit leftover. Still, delicious and something you might want to have a glass of milk handy when you have one.

Assembling the Whoopie Pies

Yummy Cookie

Me Love Cookies!

We went to the library today, and I am disappointed in my selections. I really wanted to check out Jimmy Buffet's A Salty Piece of Land But I couldn't in good concience - I have several books queued up. Instead, I went to the knitting section and got 250 Creative Knitting Stitches, which has neat pictures and interesting ideas for wild and crazy cables, but I don't think it's what I was looking for. I was just looking for stitches that would look nice on the front and the back (like, say, for a scarf made from $22/skein nepalese hand painted soft stuff). I think I'm actually going to try something like this Mimi VeryLong on the knitty blog. I also checked out the Knitting Sutra: Craft as Spiritual Practice, and I do generally believe in the meditative qualities of knitting, and I may be grouchy, but one line early on about how people back in the day had all of this leisure time to knit (and I'm paraphrasing here, and it could have even been in the introduction) rubbed me the wrong way. Perhaps I'm merely in no mood to read about how other people interpret this whole Zen-craft business. Perhaps I'm letting the details get in the way of the gist - but I've watched the 1900 House and I sure didn't see any leisure time there. I suspect that things are always a certain level of busy in our lives, that we, as productive humans, tend to see a gap in our time and to fill it with something that serves a purpose. I think we tend to romanticize other eras, which might only serve to pessimissitize our view of our current circumstances. I will probably give the book another try later on.

Last night we went costume shopping for LaLa. We were all set on her being a doctor. Then a chicken. And we ended up with Blue. Not Blue from the costume shop, which it's hard to swallow paying $20 or more for a costume that is made out of gag-me-with-a-spoon-flame-retardant-velveteen that doesn't fit and rips easily. Blue from the fabric store. $34 in materials, plus who knows how much in time. I just did some math, and it was an unsettling number if I only spend 3 hours on the costume. Not counting fringe benefits. Ugh. I started looking at the pattern, and I'm already stripping it down. No shoes, no mitts. Hey - it's Florida, it'll probably at least 77 out when we go trick-or-treating, there's the crazy dog hat, which who the heck knows if she'll even wear. This is the pattern I meant for us to get. Scrubs. Like pajamas, but made from broadcloth.

This is the pattern we ended up with. We're doing the lower left view. Blue shaggy fleece, with purple shaggy fleece for the contrast color (see the pink tummy.)

I need to go figure this Blue business out now.

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