Thursday, November 10, 2005

Baby Sister Milk

Needs a dress.

LaLa's babies are: Baby Sister Daniel, Baby Sister Thank You, and the newest baby sister, Baby Sister Milk. (BSM). BSM was a project at school - a muslin doll a la Raggedy Ann, sans the cool stripes, where the kids picked out the features (black curly hair and blue google eyes, a tan triangle nose and a red smile) and the teachers helped glue them on. She was wearing a jumper style dress made of Bob the Builder material, trimmed by pinking shears and held together with little tabs of velcro at key locations. When BSM had a dirty diaper and La was taking off the dress, she pulled the velcro off the material instead of pulling the velcro apart, leaving her with quite a draft and in need of new threads.

So far, the design is the body of the dress is orange Lambs Pride Worsted with light blue LB cotton-ease sleeves. Apparently Baby Sister Milk is a Gator fan. Influenced by the Perfect Sweater Project over at Mason-Dixon, we're going to go with a seed stitch hem. I've never made a sweater before, but we're going bottom up. Kind of an A shape with decreases along the left and right sides. Not sure how we're doing the sleeves. I'll post a pattern and picture when I'm done. Sadly, Baby Sister Milk went to bed with La, so we're missing our model. I've cast on 60 stitches on heirloom size 8 DPM's. We'll see how it goes.

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