Sunday, November 13, 2005

Gift round-up

First gift: The scarf for Aunt Marty. The pooling in the yarn is doing a cool XOXO pattern. It's going pretty fast too - the ball of yarn is getting significantly smaller, and the scarf goes nearly hand to hand when I stretch it across me.

Gift 2: Socks for Aunt Marilyn. The first sock is still done, and I turned the heel of the second one tonight. The rest of the sock should be no sweat.

3. Here's the gift I'm worried about: The laptop case for mom. Problem 1: Her birthday is December 3, which was my goal. Problem 2: It's 17 inches and needs to be 50! Problem 3: I'm concerned about running out of yarn. Problem 4: (like I need another) it's really not portable at all.


katie said...

I hear some people complain about pooling--but I think it's kind of magical. Especially when it decides to make patterns, like your scarf. Your projects are looking great!

Leisel said...

I love the way the lighter color makes a diamond pattern on your scarf... that's so cool!