Friday, November 18, 2005

Turning the heel twice

Scroll down and look at the blue socks. I'm not quite that far anymore. A couple rows past that, I realized that there was a big honkin' hole on one side of the ankle where the round starts up again. I'm making these for a knitter. Frogged that puppy back to just before the heel-turning started. (I typed that and realized it sounded painful. Heel turning. Not ankle turning. OK.) Then I was too tired to do stockinette stitch (it turned into garter stitch, and that's no good.) Last night I turned the heel, and it was good. I'm mabe three rows up the ankle. I'm really hoping to get these socks done this weekend and maybe the garter stitch scarf too. I'll let you know.

I can't wait to cast on something for me. Never mind that I do have something cast on for me, a seed stitch scarf that will be 'swonderful, 'smarvelous when it's done. I started working on a wash cloth at work. Mitered square, walmart dishcloth cotton in a red-white-and-blue colorway. Found another source for interesting soaps. Don't tell DH, but I think I'm going to get him this camping assortment. Lala bought him some adventure shorts off of Land's End. The Christmas Shopping Season has commenced.

Oh! In non-knitting news, MIL is staying with DH's sister this weekend. It's wonderful. The monkey is camping with his troop this weekend. Delightful! And I think we're going to work on getting the house situated for Thanksgiving. We're hosting. My sister, her DH, and their son are coming up, DH's sister's husband and their daughter (Dh's sister has to work) are coming, plus us 5. Did you know that Butterball has a Turkey Calculator? It's a good thing. They're suggesting that I make a 17 1/4 lb turkey. And quite a bit of stuffing. They were an advertisement on Cooking for Engineers, which was also an interesting read.

OK. It's getting late. Time to start the movie and get some knitting done!

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