Monday, November 28, 2005

If only I could put two titles....

The first would be: Hooray! Another finished gift!

I finished the scarf for Aunt Marty this weekend. I got some advice from my sister, who is familiar with the great white north from her tenure at the University of Rochester (in Rochester NY). The scarf is nearly long enough to go from waist to waist with two snugh laps around your neck. I pretty much knit until I had maybe 2 yards left of yarn, but that was too short to do a good fringe with. Was very much like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree.

To keep my balance, I cast on two things this wekeend:

1. some organic cotton from Elann. First I tried making the little bear from last summer's IK. But I couldn't figure out the nose. How do you get 5 stitches into one stitch? And with unstretchy cotton, no less. Frog! I decided it would be nice for a washcloth/dishrag. So I cast on for another mitered square dishcloth.

2. Mittens for my mom. Could I finish up the laptop bag for my mom? noooo. Instead I cast on mittens, using Cascade 220 superwash in a nice "goes with the airplane" turquoise, with yellow for the contrast color stripes.

Here's where the second headline comes in: Everything old is new again (Don't you know that song from our friends They Might Be Giants???)

The pattern I decided to use was one I had on hand - not sure where I got it, but I think it's from my Grandma's stash. It's from 1981. I decided to go with view 1. Striped cuffs, garter stitch or reverse stockinette on the outside. Of course the yarn is going to clash horribly with the scarf I made her 5 years ago, but I was thinking of making her a hat to go with the mittens. The one from the pattern. However, I wanted to reverse the main-color and contrast-color, but I don't have enough yellow. And I think the yellow I'm using is discontinued. But maybe I can go with the original scheme. I guess that wouldn't be so bad. Kind of matchy-matchy, but there are worse things. I scanned in the picture of the pattern and will post it later.

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