Monday, November 21, 2005

One gift done! Hooray!

Hooray Hooray! These are the socks for my Aunt Marilyn. They may be slightly asymetrical because I didn't take notes on how many rows for each part and the rows ended up being pretty hard to count after the fact. I still need to weave in the ends, but really, the hard part is done! And over a month before Christmas!

Here are the vital statistics:

Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly, probably in a discontinued color. (DK weight)
Needles: Crystal Palace #5, set of 5 DPN.
Pattern: WiseNeedle Toe Up DK Socks, using the traveling rib option. Oh, and I bound off using Peggy's Stretcy Bind-Off.

I probably made the top part too short for someone who lives in northern part of Upstate New York, but what the heck. I live in Central Florida. I really only started wearing socks again recently - when the dew got too cold in the morning. And since then I realized that my loafer-mules are just the trick and I don't need to wear socks with them.

The photo is from my brand spanking new camera phone! It's a bottom-of-the-line model because I'm cheap. And I signed up for a very small text/photo message plan for me, and none for my husband. And he got the free phone of the B1G1 offer. Our batteries were not taking charges like they once were, and we decided that phones would be cheaper than batteries. How's that for a sad state of affairs?

In other knitting progress: The scarf for Aunt Marty is coming along. I'm not sure how long to make it. Right now, it's about my height (5'6") with no fringe. It wraps around my neck twice and doesn't leave a lot left after that (8-12") on either end. I'm planning to add some sporty fringe to it. So that one should be done by the end of the week.

For ornaments, I'm planning to try Val's Original Yarnball Pattern. The knitlist has a wealth of information. I have trouble wading through patterns without pictures, but that speaks more about me than about the quality of the archive. I realized recently that I don't have any "Christmas colored" yarn. I'm going to have to go stash diving again to see what I can find.

And oh, the things that I want to start! I decided that I wanted to make a mitered square afghan for the Monkey a la Mason Dixon. I figure if I start now, he can take it off to college with him. I want to make a little sweater for LaLa, (some choices are: the ubiquitous One Skein Wonder, maybe this Bell Sleeve Shrug, or something like this Anthropologie knock-off. I also want to make mittens for my mama. And I have no idea why, but I'm eyeing Ruffles from Scarf Style (and similar) and reversible cable scarves, like this and this (OK, I don't know if that's reversible, but isn't it cute!). Plus Jaywalker socks for me, and socks for DH and the monkey. Ugh. And totes and washcloths and on and on and on.

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