Sunday, November 06, 2005


I really want to cast on.....mittens for mom, washcloths or little ornaments for many. Having a lot of projects on the needles is a lot like credit card debt - (A) it's expensive - especially if you have a stash and a huge queue (B) It's hard to feel like you make any progress because you're task-switching instead of single-tasked.

This has been a frogging week. I frogged Aunt Marilyn's second sock. It was almost up to the heel, but I went to snug up the toe and made a hole, right where her thumb-toe would be. Now I'm back up almost halfway up the foot.

I also frogged Aunt Marty's scarf. The drop-stitch scarf was just too macrame for me. Boy was that yarn not frog-friendly. But I cast it on as a 16 stitch garter stitch scarf, and I'm liking it a lot better. It's a quick knit.

Here's the problem with being "fluffy" and knitting a baby blanket at work - one of the QA engineers asked me when I had my baby. The baby blanket is not for "my" baby, who's almost three. I wasn't really sure what to think, although I did start getting up at 6 to walk since then.

Oh, I did some mitten research - the book my SP5 pal gave me had some good mitten information and a table of formulas. Woo-Hoo!

Have you noticed that all sorts of magazines have knitting patterns in them these days? I picked up a Good Housekeeping, seemed to be a holiday edition. Had a scarf pattern, baby bootie pattern, ornament patterns, and little stuffed animal (puppy, bear, and bunny?) patterns. And that was the second magazine I picked up with knitting in it. The other was called Creative something. Get Creative maybe? And this was in the grocery store, not really known for having a super-variety of knitting magazines.

I'm hoping to have this sock finished by the end of the week, and hopefully a good dent in the scarf too.

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