Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Progress Shots! I need to finish the roll of film

All of the good costume pictures were on my film camera, rather than DH's digital. It was on number 20 or so when we left for the tricks and the treats, so I had to take some progress shots last night. Surprisingly, the colors came out pretty true, and you are able to see the stitch patterns pretty well, too. Crazy.

First, here's Blue.

Then, the button for the Warm Hands Knit Along:

And Christmas Gift Progress Shots:

Dueling Scarves:

The short, red one is for DH (Cascade 220 superwash, Farrow Rib pattern). The long raspberry one is for Aunt Marty. A drop stitch pattern, size 15's, 13 stitches across (started off as 12, but I must have picked up a hitch hiker). I'm really thinking of ripping it out and just doing it as garter stitch, maybe 20 stitches wide on the same needles. Should still be a fast knit, and brainless enough for me.

The felted laptop case for my mother: (from either the summer or fall issue of IK)
It feels like it's making good progress, but I think I'm supposed to get it to 50 inches. That's 5-0. As in, 16 inches shorter than me! I'm not sure that I have that much yarn, so it may be a uniquely shaped totebag.

And finally, my favorite: the socks for Aunt Marilyn.

What I really should be doing right now, instead of sharing beautiful pictures of my Lala, is either (a) slicing up a month's worth of lexapro for my MIL or (b)doing the popcorn reports and getting organized for the big popcorn distribution this weekend.

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Kathy said...

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting Warm The World. They actually need all needles sizes, both straights and circular. They donate a lot of scarves so the straight needles are perfect for those.

You can email me direct at runswithneedles AT gmail DOT com