Sunday, October 30, 2005

My momma done told me...

when I was in pigtails
Some little girl was gonna give you the glad eye
and when the sweet talkin's through
Your gonna sew Blue all by yourself....

Our dining room looked like I had just finished plucking a thousand blue chickens. And a couple purple ones. But Blue is done. I have a couple inprogress photos, but they're on my film camera. I do still have to sew the snaps and bow on the chin, but really the hard part is done. Lala even got to try it out, wearing it to the monkey's Halloween party. I got the body done Friday night after La went to bed, then when she saw it on Saturday, she was all about encouraging me to do the hat. And the wheels are turning for next year's costume, I can see it.

I left out a lot of stuff - the mittens, the shoes, the snaps up the back, the elastic in the hood, but it's still pretty darn cool. DH sewed the purple spot on the belly.

I've also made some progress on Aunt Marilyn's sock -we're about halfway up the foot at this point, and the drop stitch scarf is pretty long. Only. I'm second guessing it. I might want it to be a regular garter stitch scarf. The drop stitch scarf is a little to, um, macrame for me right now. The yarn is so rustic that maybe it needs a more orderly and genteel stitch. I just don't know. I'm thinking about frogging it. Maybe I'll just give it a time out until the sock is done.

I joined the Warm Hands knit-along. I'll copy a button later. I also found something new to lust after and a book I NEED. Wrap Style. Published by Interweave. The shetland triangle, which I saw in this blog, and it was lust at first sight, then in the table of contents page, the twisty turns.

Well, I have to go sew those snaps on. DH thinks there's trick-or-treating tonight. We're going to be prepared.

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