Sunday, January 15, 2006

B is for Beads

LaLa went through a phase just after she turned one where she was very well accessorized. The red fuzzy thing is a stuffed snake that she would wear as a boa. We have an assortment of Mardi Gras beads around the house from DH's days at Tulane. She would also wear a brown belt over her shoulder, gunslinger style, with a green lightsaber holstered to it.

B was going to be for Bearcat or Blankie. As ubiquitous as they are around here, they seem to be like Charlie Brown's Little Red-Haired Girl, always elusive. This is the only photograph I could find of BearCat and Blankie in the three years that they've been in use. BearCat is the pink. He is something like this, only with a face that could either be a bear or a cat, hence the name. Blankie is modeled after a Tag Blanket like this one. The company that owns the rights to it seems to have draconinan enforcement of it's intellectual property rights, so I won't share any how-to's other than it was easy to make, and I made mine out of polar fleece and ribbons by the yard from Hancock - a mix of satin and grograin. Working out the "right sides together" was the trickiest part, and it wasn't that tricky. It's a great concept and La love's the tags. The amazing thing to me is that we haven't lost these yet. We have a number of fake-BearCat's waiting in the wings like Fake Shemp's in case BearCat or Blankie become unable to fulfill their duties.

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