Tuesday, January 17, 2006

not much progress to report

I really need to figure out knitting while reading. I borrowed Sara Paretsky's Fire Sale from the library and I really want to read it. I also have the second Janet Evanovich (don't remember the title, but it has Two in it.) on reserve at the library. Everyone just got through a round of colds at home.

DH's scarf is almost done. The ball of yarn left is about the size of a raquetball, which I know that due to clown car math is secretly about 1km of yarn left on the skein of Cascade 220.

The mittens have me a little perturbed still. I'm holding a grudge that the size 7 needles were so not the right size. Or my knitting was too loose. Whatever. It was like a catcher's mitt, which was so not the look I was going for. So we're using #5's, and rotating the ladder. Instead of a ladder we'll have a spiral staircase, with my luck. On a good note, though, I did figure out how to knit the "right way" through the front loop and I'm kind of getting used to it. I might start doing that with all of my new projects. I know, that's pretty radical. Now I can work on Clapotis. That's one of the key instructions I didn't understand. I have learned a lot with these mittens. Thanks grandma.

I have a new work washcloth going. It's in a Jaywalker-esque pattern (also similar to a zig-zag scarf in Scarf Style). It's in a bright green, yellow, and white colorway called Lemon-Lime. I'm pleased that I got it worked out. Stitches increased = stitches decreased seems to be the magic. Just like solving both sides of the equation.

I really want to get back to the laptop bag and work on all of the scarves I have in the queue before winter is over (for me, that's about President's day).

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