Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Shoot. I can never remember my catchy titles.

I'll be driving in the car, thinking about writing a post, come up with a super-witty title and by the time I'm ready to type, it's way gone.

I finished the mittens for my cousin. The thumbs are kind of wonky, but they're done. I think I need to give them a bath before sending them across the pond. I might try to make her a hat with the rest of the yarn, too. Not sure though.

So....what did I do after finishing thumb two? I cast on for some fuzzy feet! Using Knitty's pattern and some purple Lamb's Pride worsted. I dont' think I had quite the right size needles, but I think it'll be OK. I've got my mojo back. Hooray.

Here's proof: I had this dream about knitting last night - I dreamt that I needed to knit something for a baby and I kept going through my stash and couldn't find anything and couldn't find anything. I settled on something that was orange and spongy and I had already been using for another project. I was planning to make a baby hat, I think. SO...this morning I wake up and realize that I have time to make a square seed-stitch hat for the baby shower on Feb 25 out of some blue Cotton-Ease that's in my stash! [see, I'm going to this baby shower on the 25th for my former-neighbor, and I have a blanket in progress for them, but no the heck way is it going to be done in time...so what could I make that was small.....I had pretty much written it off, but no! An epiphany! Maybe I can make some little tube socks with a seed-stitch cuff to go with it too. My mother tells stories from the middle too. Get used to it.]

Sunday we went to Michael's. Back in the day, I thought they had the most fantabulous yarn. (Hey. I live in Florida. Not so many LYS here.) I did not see anything I needed there. OK. It helps that I have such a stash issue that it makes me a little naseaus to buy yarn without a project. Sock yarn doesn't count. Neither do "classics" like Lamb's pride and Cascade 220 - this is "wardrobe classics" like blue jeans or that antique purse that I use for all of my formal occasions. Or something interesting in a grab bag (although this has a twinge of guilt). But stuff that I can get at Michael's, Joann's, and Wal-Mart do.

While we were there, they had a "Fastest Knitter" and "Fastest Crocheter" contest. I sucked eggs. But it was interesting to me to see how other people do it. I need to figure out when I can go to knit in public thing. Turns out there are knitting clubs here. Who knew? I don't know if I'm ready to find out that I'm doing more stuff wrong, but these other ladies had much fancier ways to cast on. If I can survive learning that I knit wrong, maybe I can learn the right way to cast on too.

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