Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Casting on....Casting About...

This is one of those in between posts.

I'm still considering my letter E options. Education. Elmo. Elephant.

I cast on for my dad's scarf and have about 5 or 7 rows done. The 210 stitch row is pretty long, but mindless. Here's an example of a finished one from Major Knitter. The good thing is it's not going to take too many rows. I think my project game plan is: finish the scarf for dad. Make mittens for my aunt. Finish two baby blankets. Then I don't know what. A wrap for me, I think will be a priority. Unless I start it sooner. Not sure why, but I'm procrastinating a bunch of the baby gifts I have planned or in the works - the sewing I need to do for Saturday's shower, the two blankets on the needles. They seem like a lot of work, although I know that once I get started/restarted it won't be too bad. I just don't want to get them out and work on them, even though I know I'll feel better once they're done.

I'm a little frustrated with my iPod. I thought I'd be able to borrow books on CD from the library and rip them into itunes for replayment in the car. Not so much. They won't play on the pod. Ugh. Darn that whole intellectual property thing that pays my salary! Going to look into project gutenberg and see if there are stories that the monkey, La, and I would all like to hear (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has potential). Also, I don't know how to skip ahead, either because I'm bored or because the podcast doesn't remember where I left it when I had to go take care of someone/something. And who wants to re-listen to 40 minutes of something just to get to the last 10? I don't have time for the pain.

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