Monday, February 20, 2006

More FO to report! Hooray!

Frankly, and I hate to admit this, but I don't know what the heck I did to my browser to make the text all big. All I know is I clicked my scroll wheel a little and it changed the text size when I was catching up on things in bloglines. Harumph.

I discovered a great podcast - ask a ninja. Now that there is comedy!

And now the FO: 1. A pod-sock. I'm thinking about running some 1/4 or 1/8" elastic through the opening so that it actually stays on the pod. It's what we would classify as a "loose fit" ipod sock. I used some of the Elann Esprit Sock-It-To-Me (I think that's what it's called. Knock-off Cascade Fixation). It was fun to knit with, but you sure can't do anything fancy with it. So it's regular stockinette with a roll-top. Stockinette ends up looking like 1x1 rib. But still, it's soft and stretchy and a pretty color. Not bad for an afternoon's work.

2. A hat for me! It's from the leftover wool/silk in lavender and dark purple. Fibonacci stripes (5A, 3B, 2A, 1B, 1A). Very snazzy. No cheezy photo yet.

Not to disturb the conservation of projects in my house, I emailed my aunt to see about the purple for her mittens - which she ended up giving her stamp of approval and asking that the wrists be a little longer so they tuck into her sleeve better. Good constructive comments from someone who lives in the snow-belt, to the mitten maker, living in the sun-belt. Also, she sent my cousin's address so I can get her package in the mail to her. :^) But I cast on for the scarf for my dad. The skein is dodgy - I'm not sure if there's enough to just use it, and it's heirloom yarn. I decided to cast on for vertical stripes and let La-La pick out the contrast colors. Two similar but different blues from Grandma's stash yarn. I think it'll end up looking nice. I'm feeling a little trepidation about 210 stitches in a row, however it's making me think about doing this for my wrap. Although, I've seen some colorful Lady Eleanors out there (like this, this, and there was one where it made the author/knitter feel like that eccentric art teacher, but I thought it was gorgeous. Can't find it for the life of me now) which is making me think about that some too. And Clapotis is still in the running.

Aah, and here's something else I'm considering: 40 Days For Others. That one I had a heck of a time finding again too. I have a cubby full of yarn for charity knitting and I haven't used any of it yet.

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