Sunday, February 26, 2006

F is for....

Ok, I'm jumping ahead of myself. I lost track of time doing my taxes, so now I only have time for super-quick.

But, F is for Fraternity and Finished.

Finished: the scarf for my dad. It turned out to be really long, but pretty cool (IMHO). I ran out of two of the colors of yarn, and it turned out to be much more than 6' long. Closer to twice my height. I was pretty sure my math was off, but I kept being afraid the scarf would be too short. Anyway, it's cool looking although it does remind me a little of when my sister and I were highschoolers and we would shop for dad, picking out for him some wild and crazy bathing suits. This was in South Florida in the late 80's, if that says anything for you.

Fraternity: As in Liberty, Fraternity, and Equality. Also as in Fraternal twins. I got a series of action shots of my cousin (who is studying abroad in Paris this year) with her mittens. I like this one because it shows her with her coordinating (by chance) scarf and the mittens in all of their not so identical glory.

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