Monday, February 27, 2006

Here is my real letter post.

E is for Ear Infection, Elephant Pajamas and Eggs for Lunch.
This is my recent "E" story. LaLa had just taken day #10's dose of antibiotics and settled in to sleep. Eight hours later (that would be approximately 3am, but who's counting?) she wakes up with a fever. We went to happy hour at the pediatrician's office on Friday. (They always seem surprised when I call the walk-in sick-kid hour happy hour.) Her left ear is still infected.

Her insurance info wasn't updated still (DH took her to the doc last time and didn't update it.) and I couldn't find my insurance card (You know you're a grownup when that's more important than your driver's license). That meant we (a) couldn't get the new antibiotic from the dispensary at the doctor's office and (b) we couldn't get it from Target and pay for it with a gift card because they don't have our insurance info on file, so we went to Kmart (this is a great story, right?) and got it there - and the princess ear warmer/glove set and elephant pajamas. We came home and had fried eggs for lunch. Over easy, served on top of the toast. This is my favorite comfort food of all time, and La doesn't seem to mind it at all. (After giving birth, I ordered scrambled eggs with fixin's. Only because I couldn't be sure that they'd get the yolks right and that the eggs would still be perfectly warm when they got to my room.)

The good news is that the ear infection seems to be receeding. La was in a much better mood by Sunday.

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