Sunday, February 12, 2006

Fuzzy Feet Finished!

I need to remember to update the sidebar. The fuzzy feet are finished and felted. I adore alliteration. Fuzzy Purple Feeter Heaters. Song stuck in your head now? Anyway...the feet are way cool, and this may be gross, but, they're in the grocery bag with my granola bars to bring into work tomorrow. I finished the second one and felted the pair on Friday, and I've been trying them out this weekend. They're excellent. I'm going to be the envy of my office.

I'm sitting over at the computer and DH and the monkey are working on something. I must have some work-processes in the background because I swear I heard DH telling the boy, "Don't forget the path!" (A topic that comes surprisingly frequently at work. Paths are important in software.)

I have a funny mitten story. Do you remember those blue mittens I made for my aunt? (Here and here for backstory.) Well, my mom made it up to the metropolitan Whitesboro area this week. Her mother has dementia and has had to move into assisted living, so my mom was in town to bring her mom to a doctor's appointment - the aunt lives in the same neck of the woods as my grandma. She had the mittens in the front seat of the car. Grandma got into the car and put the mittens right on and really liked them. I guess she had been secretly wanting some new mittens. They fit her perfectly, and she really liked them (I must have Campbell hands, because the fit me really well too.) She took the news that they were for my aunt pretty well, and gave them back to mom. I think mom also told her that I would make her a pair too. So, my aunt finally gets her mittens. But it turned out they're about an inch too long for her. And maybe she doesn't really want blue mittens. Now she's thinking more like purple. So, Grandma ended up with the mittens.

She wanted them for playing outside - sounds like they should be able to go in the dryer. Or I was thinking felted mittens, except that I'm still not sure exactly what size her hands are - except that her fingers might end at my top knuckle. I looked through my stash and found some heathered purple yarn, I'm pretty sure will do the trick.

My SIL called today to see if I could go to a baby shower for her SIL. (DH is one of six kids and my SIL's DH is one of 4 kids) She's having a little girl, and they're thinking about having the shower next weekend. We got a bunch of odds and ends (a sleeper, a pack of newborn diapers, a couple toys, a pack of onesies, a sunsuit, irresistable sunglasses, a super-soft pink blanket, and a blankie with a little stuffed bear head - OK seeing it all typed out, I went a little non-linear, but none of the things looked very big at all in the wagon.) As La-la and I were watching the Wiggles tonight, I got to thinking about how there was nothing handmade in all of that loot......couldn't I make her a little hat??? La helped me pick out some yarn - The choices were lavender cotton-ease or super-pink Baby Clouds (some kind of discount-store yarn, boucle/homespun type thing, pink lemonade, I think, is the name of the color, and she picked the pink lemonade, bless her heart - very out of character for her) So, I cast on. I'm going to do a K2P2 rib, on 10 1/2 needles, a 6" long tube, kitchener across the top and little pom-poms on the corners. Inspired by the fixie hat(this is the one I couldn't find a link to a couple posts ago.) We'll see how it turns out. Only 36 stitches in the round so it should be quick.

So, for progress (who knew I had this much "post" stored up???) I've done a lot of knitting this weekend. I finished up the fuzzy feet, and made some good progress on both the parallelogram scarf and the navy blue baby blanket. Oh, and I cast on the pewter socks. I'm not sure about them, though. I think they're going to be too small and I will need to cast on more stitches. I'm using a size 1 needle, which is darn small. A lot like knitting with toothpicks. After a 2x2 rib cuff (which probably could be longer), I went with a 4x4 rib pattern for the main body of the sock. I need to get the little pink hat and some sewing done this week - flannel recieving blankets and hooded towels for another baby shower.

Crap. Gray's Anatomy is coming on. I caught the episode after the super bowl and it was really good. Dang it all. I gotta wrap up - my show's on.

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