Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fuzzy Feet are Marching On

The First Foot was Finished on Monday. Cast on the second on Tuesday - got about halfway through the heel flap. Turned the heel and got through the gusset Wednesday. 3" of foot plus toe decreases left to go. Can I finish it by Friday night so I can felt them with our laundry this weekend? Also, how far will my skein of Lamb's Pride last? What will I do when I run out? Will I (a)start the other purple skein that I have in my stash or (b)use some leftover orange Lamb's Pride, asymetrical though it may be? We shall see.

I'm really jonesin to get the f. foot done also in order to start on my next ME project - a pair of socks in Lorna's Laces Pewter. They'll probably be fairly plain socks - I really like Thuja from Knitty and Tech Guy Socks, but I think I'll end up with the Ann Budd pattern book formula for my guage and a regular old flap-heel and use a 3x2 rib on the calf for these. My package from Little Knits arrived with a variety of sock needles (and some very pretty yarn), and we have a road trip on Saturday, so I've been really anticipating the car-knitting. I think I'm going to bring two projects. A baby blanket and the socks. The Araucania Nature Wool Chunky for the shoulder-warmer was in the box - I can't wait to start it, but with two baby-blankets currently on the needles (read BIG PROJECTS), I'm having trouble justifying casting on for it.) Oh, and the color was a little different than I expected. Now I want to go home and check the shade card vs. the label. Still pretty, mind you, but more green.

Is it wrong to ask your DH for hand-painted sock yarn for Valentine's day? He just sort of looked at me askance. Stunned that I just asked him for sock yarn for Valentine's day. That'll teach him to ask what I want. :^) Now I need to go send him some links. :^P

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