Monday, February 06, 2006


In knitting news, I'm almost done with one fuzzy foot. Just need to kitchner it tonight, then I'll have my DPN freed up for casting on again. Love the Boy Scout knitting.

I also managed to finish my Sara Paretsky book this weekend. I checked my holds at the library, and both books must be popular, cause on one I'm like number 42/45 on the list, the other was no better. Sucky. I might need to go to the library on my lunch hour, so there are no toddlers either haranging me to stay at the coloring table or to let them use the water fountain or to deliver their imaginary babies in the Young Adult section while my 12 year old complains that he can't find a darned thing to read in there.

But back to knitting. I also finished a cutie-patootie little hat for a baby shower on the 25th. I winged it - I couldn't find a pattern that did what I wanted it to do. It's in LionBrand Cotton-Ease, probably #7 US needles. As seen on Baby Sister Daniel. Sorry for the nudity - that's how the babies roll around here. I also managed to finish a dishcloth recently. I used the parallelogram II pattern, found on, in her stitch library (sorry, I don't feel like opening another browser window to get you an actual link.) The yarn, Sugar N Cream Kitchen Cotton in Lemon-Lime. [I can't find it on their website. I never would have thought to look there for dishcloth patterns, but they seem to have it a link to some. Must remember to check it out.] OK. I wouldn't open another browser for the paralellogram pattern, but I did for the cotton. I'm inconsistent. That's how I roll. (Actually, I have a whole theory on how people are, by their very nature, incosistent, but it's all based on software interfaces and programming design.) So, without further delay, Parallelogram.
So then, my last FO photo I have is the scarf I made for DH. It is darn snazzy, if I do say so myself, and I do. Then I must go kitchner my little heart out and fall asleep happy.

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