Saturday, February 18, 2006

Well, it's been a productive week here at Frog Monkey

I have planned and unplanned FO to report: When last we spoke, I had finished the baby-fixie and did some good work on the scarf for my cousin. Well, that's done, I've added fringe and (surprise!) made a hat to go with it.
Stash-busting in advance, I like to think of it. The scarf and hat are in a pretty staid navy blue, but my cousin's favorite color is LIME GREEN. Which, I happen to have in my stash. I didn't earn the name Colorful Cathy from my mom's friend Dana for nothing. (Side note: That would have been a great blog name. When my husband sees La in a particularly out-there ensemble, I often hear from him, "Colorful Cathy strikes again!")

So, anyway...I added lime green stripes to the hat. It's a hat in the vein of the London Beanie, only the lime green stripes are only one row high, but there are three of them. The hat turned out great, even though there were some missteps. It's comfy and just the right size, I think. The scarf, I left unblocked. I liked how the parallelograms looked like waves or flames or something of that nature in it's scrunchy state. I added some lime green to the fringe, giving it just the right amount of funkiness. Sort of like a mullet-scarf: business around the neck, party at the ends. I drew in the lines of what the parallelograms do, since this color almost completely sucks in the light.

In the wave of productivity, all of the ends for both of these new FO are woven in, etc, all folded up, just waiting for this cousin's snail-mail address. Also the ends were woven in for my purple scarf and DH's red scarf.

For new business, I tried casting on mittens for my aunt. The do-over ones. Turns out 44 stitches would be enough for a sleeve cuff from this yarn on size 4 needles. I think that 36 is going to be the new target number. More successfully, I cast on for a hat for me from some of the same silk/wool that my scarf is made from. It's a coordinating color (lavendar vs. dark purple) but will have dark purple stripes (I'm really liking that LondonBeanie style).

I'm gradually figuring out this ipod and itunes business. I've subscribed to a couple knitting pod-casts - I've liked a few, and not liked a few (but I might have been in a foul humor, so maybe I'll try them again later).

The mittens I sent to my cousin in Paris arrived. (subject: ils sont arivees) She said she liked them and they go with a scarf she picked up there. Kismet perhaps, eh? You know what's funny? After this year - when the studying abroad ends, I'll have two cousins going to school in Tulsa - the Paris/mitten cousin (who is on my Dad's side of the family) goes to school at the University of Tulsa and the scarf/hat cousin (who is on my mom's side of the family) goes to Oral Roberts University.

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