Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Man, I need to think about what H is for. Maybe it's for hats!!?!

First my general update:

1. We went to see my sister, her husband and their two boys (eep!) last weekend. It was sort of an ill fated trip. We were supposed to leave Friday night. I was rear-ended on the way home from work. For those of you keeping score, that's 2 car accidents in 3 weeks. Kind of excessive IMHO, and particularly in DH's opinion. It was a darn good thing no kids were with me. First one was $800 of damage, this one was $2500. By the time the police showed up, we had dinner, etc, etc, it was kind of late to start a 2 1/2 hour road trip. Early Saturday morning, LaLa woke up with a low grade fever and a little vomiting. Did that stop us from going? No. I'm that kind of a sister. So, we're shoving tylenol into LaLa the whole time. She seems kind of OK Saturday. Sunday morning she wakes up really pathetic. We ended up leaving by about 10. Took her to After Hours Pediatrics here (I LOVE THIS CITY!) and she had strep. Strep really does not slow her down very much. It does, however, make her cranky. The new nephew is a cutie-pie. When we came in he was wearing the very cute hat that I made him (out of Elann's sock-it-to-me, the fake-fixation) and it fit him perfectly. I only got to hold him briefly (which was probably a good thing) but he's sweet and wonderful, just like a new baby should be.

2. I got another tier done on the Lady Eleanor Baby Blanket for the new nephew, showed it to my sister and she likes it. Didn't tell her what it was, in order to get an unsolicited opionion from her and got a "that's a pretty color". She still sounded like she liked it after I showed it to her.

3. I've been feeling like super-mindless knitting lately. The garter stitch scarf I started to go with the Dulaan toddler-sized hat and mittens, I frogged and turned on it's side. I think I decided what I don't like about scarves is having to turn the work all the dang time. Seems like I had been wondering how it would turn out with varigated yarn when I was working on the scarf for my dad, and now I know. It's interesting. Splotchy but nice. It gives it vertical dashed lines of random colors. I like it. I'm about 2/3 done knitting the skein of yarn. Not sure how long it's going to be - didn't even bother to gauge swatch, cast on about 175 stitches of regular old acrylic yarn on size (hmm) 11? needles. I like the flexible fabric that's coming out.

4. The cabled scarf I started for my mom? I'm going to frog it. I think I'm going to make her Wavy from Knitty. It didn't impress me in the Knitty pattern, but I saw someone else's and liked it.

5. Here's my Knitty complaint. I don't like how the pattern (and this is true for Wavy and is generally true for other patterns as well) is always all jammed up. For instance, the bulk of the Wavy pattern is in about an inch of space to the left of a photo. When I'm deciding what to make, I like to be able to read the pattern to make an educated decision. I ended up copying the text and pasting it into notepad to make it legible. Ah, Notepad. The unsung hero of Windows. I heart Notepad.

Shoot. I really need to come up with something for H. Heros. Hats. Help. Hula Hoops (do you get extra credit for aliteration?) Hearts. Hynbug. Hair. Heaven.

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StarzAbove said...

Congrats Auntie! Doesn't it just melt your heart seeing a baby wearing something that you lovingly knit for them?
Bummer about the accident and LaLa being sick. Glad you weren't hurt and hope she is on the mend.
I have the same complaint with Knitty, which is why I use Open Office to make a new .doc and copy and paste the pattern in and adjust it how I want and then export as a .pdf
Good luck on your "H"!