Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A quick knitting update

Do you ever have those second thoughts? Where you have an FO and then you have an epiphany about what you should have done? I finished a little hat for my neighbor who's expecting. It's in baby stripes, and I tried doing a swirly pattern with a spiral rib. Then in the top decreases, went with stockinette and did a decrease that leaned in the same direction as the sprial. It's in a baby ombre, so it's kind of busy. And I'm not sure if it's too girly or not. I dunno. Then tonight, several days after finishing it, I realized I could have used some of the buttery soft superwash DH merino (in green) from Melissa. And it would have been fabulous. Like butter and gender neutral. I guess it's not too late.

I also finished a baby hat for the big-sister-to-be's baby doll. At least, I hope it fits her baby doll. It fit's LaLa's favorite doll pretty well. Turned into an umbilical hat by accident. Now I've started a similar hat for LaLa's doll.

I have a pile of sewing that I want to tackle this weekend - mostly flannel squares for recieving blankets for the upcoming babies and a tote bag (maybe two). Then, I think, after that I'm back to pajama bottoms for me and the monkey.

I've been working on the gray socks at work. They're coming along. I think I'm within a few rounds of starting the toe decreases. The stuff that I'm debugging takes a long time to get to the point where there's a problem, and it's hard to work on another bug while I'm waiting.

I need to have a "finishing party" and get my Dulaan projects ends woven and fringed and on their way. Shouldn't take too long, just don't feel like doing it yet.

Oh, and I have two more pregnant ladies in my life. My SIL and a friend. SIL is due January 11, and I would expect the friend is due around the same time. I'm thinking I'm going to attempt a baby sweater, since in January you could actually use a sweater here. I'm eyeballing Daisy and an EZ Surprise sweater perhaps. I think I'll go browse the stash to see what's in there. These might make good travel knitting. :^)

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