Tuesday, May 16, 2006

J is for Jump

We're on J, right? J was going to be for Joke. Here's an example of the caliber of our humor lately, "Knock. Knock. Who's there? Grandma!" Spoken as a one-liner, and to interrupt is rude. You can't buy that kind of humor.

But J is for jump. Our fence was, until recently, in sad shape. In 2004, we were hit by Charley-Frances-Jeanne (Jean?) and after that the fence was propped up by picnic benches and 2x4s. It survived Wilma like that. (there's a picture of the fence in that post). Our neighbor and us both thought we could use a fence, and our dog Tiger wormed his way in through the gaps once or twice, but neither of us ever got around to it.

Our neighbor sold the house to his cousin. Who has (I believe) 3 dogs (although I've only seen two). Two of them are pitbulls, or some other kind of terrier of a similar size. Not so much the scary pit-bulls, but the ones who are nice family dogs. (For the sake of full disclosure, I believe that our dog is a pit-boxer mix, and in his youth, I believed he had springs for ankles. He loves to play fetch, and he would play until he vomited, then bring you the ball for more.) I believe that our neighbor dogs are of the same school as Tiger, and in a normal, controlled context would not be scary dogs.

So, the neighbor dogs wiggled their way through the fence on a weekend afternoon. I think we were in the backyard anyway and Dh played fetch with the three dogs (1 ours + 2 neighbors) until the neighbor came and claimed them. Last week, the neighbor replaced the fence with one that is a Solid Dog Ear fence - we used to have Shadobox. (Man this is turning into a long story.) Now one of the dogs can jump over the 6' high fence. It was funny the first time. Friday night when she did it, it scared the bejeesus out of LaLa. She was looking for Dh to say that dinner was ready and next thing I know she's screaming through the house and then there's a whole train of dogs chasing her. (The neighbor dog followed by Tiger.) She knows how to come right in the doggy door too! She jumped the fence again tonight but luckily, I anticipated it and closed the doggy door beforehand. Pshew.

After looking at the fence diagrams, the new fence has a right side and a wrong side. On her side of the fence, there's a bar that runs across, and I think the dog is using that as a paw-hold and is clambering her way over the top.

More knitting content soon....

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