Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Updates from Saturday. Better pictures. Knitting report.

First, here's a better picture of the yarn that Melissa sent me. Plus some other miscellaneous that just happened to end up in the picture. Isn't it pretty!?!

Second, here are photos from the Angry Chicken Freezer Paper T-Shirt craft project. We wrapped pieces of cardboard in waxed paper to put between the front and back of the shirts.

These are the three pictures we used for the onesies. For some there was a little tiny shape that you had to cut out and re-place for whitespace (see the bus and ship for examples). I tried taping them in place, but maybe just using a paper clip to attach the little piece to the big piece while waiting to use it would have been fine.

Here are the pieces of freezer paper ironed on. If I were to do this again, I'd make sure the freezer paper was cut generously, so that as much of the shirt was masked off as possible because LaLa and I are just a tad drippy with our paint. Also, since I'm not so good at eyeballing symmetry, it might be helpful to ensure that the picture is printed in the center of the freezer paper to make centering it on the shirt less tricky. Otherwise, I just ironed them at a medium setting, and it seemed to work best without a dishtowel in between.

Here is a shirt with paint on it and the freezer paper. LaLa was a vigorous painter, and at the end, I think she forgot what she was supposed to be painting and really only painted the paper on the last couple.

And finally, you can see LaLa's shirt in action. She wore it to school on Monday and reports that "it worked good."

Other FO progress, I finished a pair of pajama pants for DH. They are super snazzy, if I do say so myself. I started on socks for DH, but they seemed really wide so I ripped them out and haven't been able to successfully restart them. I also started on a baby hat for my neighbor (these neighbors are having babies all just silly with babies, I tell you!) They don't know the gender so I'm making it out of some kind of acrylic baby-ombre. I was going to make it out of Knit Picks Shine in cherry red, but DH looked at me with a raised eyebrow. Hey. I thought it would be fine for either gender and it's a nice lucky color. But she seems "tasteful" in a way that's a little intimidating to me, so I went with the baby colors.

I brought this baby hat project with me to the dentist this morning. It was a good thing too - I was there from 9 - 11:50 getting two crowns and a filling. Turns out the dentist learned to crochet when he was in the hospital with appendicitis. The knitting was a real conversation starter at the office.

I think the hat is going to be 2x2 rib all the way up, just for a better guarantee of fit. I had done a 2x2 rib for an inch then stockinette generic hat, but it seemed kind of wide. And when I got up from the couch, LaLa tried her hand at knitting and one of my DPNs was out of the knitting and on the couch when I got back. She was knitting, she says.

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krista said...

I keep seeing everyone making these freezer paper shirts and stuff. I want to hop on the bandwagon too!

The results are cool.

I need to stop being lazy and just get to it already.