Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lots of Good Stuff and it's only Tuesday!

I had a 'sock moment' at work last week. I have a sock in progress (or a washcloth or something else small and easy, but right now it's my DH's sock) at my desk at work for those frustrating idle moments - waiting for my code to build, getting things to the point where I can step into it with the debugger, etc. I brought one of my newer coworkers to my desk to show her something before we were committed to it, and she saw the sock.

"Oh! You know how to make socks!" she exclaimed. It turns out that her grandmother and her husband's grandmother both made socks - one knit and one crochet. And that her grandmother would make some kind of footies for people at Christmas, but no one ever learned how to make them and she's not around anymore. So at Christmas she gets out the footies that she still has and I think they make her wistful. I just offered to see if I can "reverse engineer" them. I have a bunch of my grandma's patterns and maybe it's like one of those, too. We'll see what comes of it.

I'm now happy with the squares and colors for the baby quilt. I added some red and orange to the yellow and green, and cut down on the number of fabrics used to one for each color. The palette reminds me of the interior of Crispers restaurants. It's bright and cheerful and DH thought it was good. I have a picture on his camera. Ironically, it's basically the same pattern that I was going to do with the purple, lavender, and white quilt, but it's much different with four colors instead of three. I think there'll be sashing around the whole thing, but haven't committed to a color or print or anything. Probably a solid color, maybe pink or blue, or green or yellow.

I brought home the DH sock for a fitting yesterday, and it's almost up to his sock-tan line. I started a 2x2 rib cuff. The sock for my BIL is at about the same length, but I think I'm going to knit his until the yarn runs out.

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del said...

I really hope you can make something out of your coworker's sock; that's really nice of you to try.