Friday, July 21, 2006

A post for the pictures

Mostly, I just wanted to show pictures today.

Well. OK. I started another project. I also started the second sock for my BIL, but I started a sweater for LaLa. It's in Arucania Nature Wool Chunky and I'm winging it. It's a bottom-up pullover. probably with raglan sleeves. I figure that between Ann Budd and E.Z. I have the guidelines to figure it out and with LaLa here, I have an idea of when the "next phase" should start. In between now and then I have about 8" of stockinette in the round to knit. Turns out to be a good knit for reading.

For our Philly friend's baby, I'm thinking about the orange Cascade 220 Superwash and a similar pullover but with seed stitch instead of rib edges.

And now for the pictures...

socks Both socks have since been completed. The left sock is the sock for my BIL. The right one is for DH. I'm feeling not so sure about the socks for DH, but he says he likes it, so I didn't want to argue about it. :^) For the moment the second sock is on hold until I work out my issues. The sock for BIL was finished inside of a week. I think that's a new record. of course it's only 44 stitches around and it's using DK weight yarn. I got through the toe of the second sock yesterday.

block2 This is one of the quilt top schemes I was considering for my new niece or nephew. It's based on this "planned patchwork". In the end, though, I liked this one better.
block1 Here it is all together.quiltI'll put a border around it too. Not sure what color. Pink or blue? Red is darn tempting. Or green and/or yellow (the original requested colors). I also might make it so that the top/bottom border is thick and the left/right border is thin to give it a rectangular shape. I like to think that it "goes with anything" because it has so many colors in it. That might just be my own personal philosophy though. I tend to think that anything goes with anything.

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