Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My First Sweater is done!

I finished the sweater for LaLa on Sunday night.



Pattern: I winged it. I made it a little bigger than a hoodie that fit her last winter. I used the basic directions in EZ's Knitting Workshop and Knitting Without Tears for a bottom-up yoke sweater. I also consulted with an Ann Norling pattern that I bought for the baby sweater I'm planning to make. I think I made the sleeves about 2" too long, but it'll probably be fine. Also, I got the yoke patterning idea from Ann Budd's sweater book. [It looks like I take a term paper approach to knitting, where I read a bunch of directions, see the similarities in all of them and go from there). From the underarm join, I knit 1" + 2 rows stockinette, 2 rows (rounds) reverse stockinette, 2 rows stockinette, 3 rows reverse stockinette, 3 rows stockinette, 2 rows reverse, 2 rows regular stockinette, a couple short rows in the back to give it a front and a back, then a 2x2 rib for 3 rows. The yoke decrease rows (KK2tog all the way around) landed on stockinette rounds at about 2", 3" and 4" deep from arm pits.

Yarn: Arucania Nature Wool Chunky color 120. It took about 2 1/2 skeins for approximately size 4T sweater.

Needles: Size 10 for all.

Other notes: There are some wonky bits, like in the armpit join and at the end of the collar. It was a straightforward knit and fun to do. The bulky yarn made it knit up pretty fast and I like the gradiation in the color.

It still needs to be washed and blocked, and I fully expect for the color to run quite a bit, as my pale woodent needles were blue pretty quickly. The photos are from my phone - the previous entry has a better picture.


Ann said...

Such a lovely sweater! I love nature wool. And I LOVE the term paper approach to knitting (former English teacher here)-- mind if I use it sometime? And, really, is it your first attempt? Pretty darned good I'd say.

StarzAbove said...

LOVE the sweater! And I agree, it's hard to believe this is really your first attempt at a sweater!
I have a few hanks of Nature's wool - I'm going to have to fight the urge to cast something on with them - must. finish. UFO's... it is UFO August, after all. Maybe I need to order some more, so that I can reward myself next month by casting on for something with some Nature's Wool.... hmmmm.....
Methinks next month should be Sweater September.
I did finally finish my socks from the lovely Lorna's Laces that you spoiled me with - thanks again - love them!

krista said...

Wow, those colours are so beautiful!

del said...

The sweater came out gorgeous--good for you for winging it. Great job!